Aomori Prefecture, folk toys

A typical festival in Aomori Prefecture is famous all over the country, "Festival Grand" is.

Also this Nebuta Aomori (city) in "Nebuta" that is, in Hirosaki, "Neputa" I hope

Puto without saying a half helmet and dullness.
The doll is the city of Aomori Nebuta, Hirosaki Neputa of a fan.
There are also differences in Aomori Prefecture and the southern part of the work in the Tsugaru Hirosaki Hachinohe. Hirosaki Neputa as well as fan of before, Tsugaru kites Hara Shimokawa clay

Gurigoma without, and the lion heads in Tsugaru, Southern (clan), the horse Hachiman Hachinohe south, and the like kites.

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