Dolls Koga (Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture)

Fushimi Doll, the clay is one of Japan's leading bank, along with dolls of Sendai.

Astronomical years of the Edo period (1532-55), this place 金右衛門 samurai Ogawa, Omura (Nagasaki Koga town) and settled during the calendar round of Kyoto countries have become a place of Haji 小三郎 third generation, where she reported a technique called when pottery production dropped.
First year registration statement (1592) are now beginning is to create a flow of the clay doll Kunda Fushimi, Kyoto, as the clay of the Kyushu region has a history of the oldest.

Hisashi Hiroshi Nagasaki 12 years (1635), the number of foreigners resident in Japan's only seaport as a place became an exotic city.
Many customs of the time work on the subject.

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