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Back in my painting is decorated with HP. This is the deceased father (Masaaki.K) is. Until his death in radical surgery for recurrence of the stomach by gastric cancer takes. Seems to have been written about two years during treatment.

Now, all prefectures (47 prefectures minutes)

Now, all prefectures (47 prefectures minutes) Imashita. Extra edition.

So your child can naturally play: Wooden toys are made of a renewable resource and
are thus for sustainability and environmental friendliness. Also included wooden toys krinr toxic chemicals and convinced by his smooth surface that is particularly loved by children's hands.
Get a piece of nature into your home and forget about unnatural and not part harmless plastic toys.
Is your child Wooden Toys times in the mouth, chewing and sucking out the material offers security.
Plastic toy in comparison to prevent the spread of bacteria and is not quick to unwanted disease carriers.
You can just as safe wooden toys when it disposed of easily after years of not addressing the preferences of the child more or abgenutz is what is on plastic toys often tied to specific rules and also usually harms the environment.
A wooden toy becomes a favorite for your individual Sppielpartner. Each piece is unique and by type, shape, color and texture completely different. You do not buy mass-produced.
See how your child is immersed with joy and curiosity in the diverse world of wooden toys and - as the man knew at all times - learn to appreciate nature better.

Dissemination refers wooden toys now on the internet as well as in toy stores and Supermäkten. The selection of different toys is immense.
All the more important it is to just take the products before buying under the microscope.
Wooden toys made in Germany is always high quality and strong child safety.
Here is a so-called "Sabberlack" This material is not produced even when Ankauen for children is dangerous and water-based.
In similar plastic toys, this may not always be guaranteed. Your child's sake, you should not rely on wood, at least if it is still under the age of 4 years.
The toys should be tested for instability, to be sure that it can not break apart and release small parts. Your child could be serious injury pull!
Wooden blocks or figures should therefore apply a certain size and solidity, then the full gaming experience is also nothing in the way of.

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