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Drinking boy
Skirt joined the strain
Prime naughty schoolchildren.

7.Favorite things: Beer (s malt beer), grilled chicken, a novel Tokutomi Roka

8.Favorite entertainer: I immediately (Morning Musume yuan) , Yumiko Shaku, Steven Seagal Tatsuro is, of course, bread and butter (brothers Iwasawa) Kubota Toshinobu other

9.Hobbies: dancing singing karaoke.
Carroll 's "Redisebuntin" is elated!
m-flo 's "Come Again" ← with the laptop.
Toko Furuuchi the "OK" or,
Imai Miki's "yellow TV" dark!

10.Favorite Show: Taro Kon coin , explore the building (based both Asahi)

Watching Woman's Weekly (aka: Aunt truth talk)
Tokyo FM early Saturday (4:00 to 5:00)

11.You do not like: people throw trash on the streets in cold blood in a train or People spit vomit profusely, people who own summer sea is romantic
12.Happiest moment : Bibappujazu (especially Bud Powell (P ), Charlie Parker (as)) While listening to the dark when drinking

13.Bad Times : When a mom has Donara otters (explosion) Sunday evening (time Sazae)

14.Sports: Climbing high school before marriage past glory

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