Local Toys Notebook

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I picked up some folk toys from the festival and related ownership.
Adopted a new calendar month.
However, with regard to municipalities (municipalities) have been written prior to the merger.

January to March April to July September October June to December, et al. Toys and Folk Festivals

You want to buy your child one or more books and are therefore superior on what should be the books so that your child learns what, and especially enjoy it added. You should definitely make sure that the books reflect the age of your child and not years in advance are, for example, your son is 4 years and buy him books which would be just right for elementary school students. Because very often present on the books is no indication of age, you should visit several web pages with books and learn about what book would be the right. If you only just want to inspire your child to books, then it makes sense to start with smaller books or in books containing short stories, because initially, the kids do still quite difficult to concentrate or longer to listen, because you already had happened from the story goes through my head.

It is important when buying books for children, that they also contain many images that can look at the child reading aloud and faster builds a relationship with the book and the story. Through this relationship, the child can understand what happened in the history to understand much more easily. In addition, your child will then begin at some point, act out the story with his imagination itself and keep playing.

It should also be a book in a handy format for children's hands, that is pretty small and not too heavy. The children want to look like the books on the sofa or in bed and do it myself because they can not keep. So what benefits a book the size of an atlas, there are perhaps only because the pictures quite nice, but otherwise the child is not much of it. Also make sure that the pages are not too thin, otherwise your child has trouble with losing the flip and then very quickly the joy of it. You can also take your child to purchase the book and show him several books, and can then choose one yourself.

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