Toys Introduction
This HP is, the literature (medieval literature major), my late father was a trip that is to have everybody still coming to my own while studying folk toys were collected throughout Japan at academic conferences around you.
In addition, these children have few chances to play in modern
I want to feel a little warmth on handmade toys
Kids in the mind, "Let make it yourself!"
"Look! Look!" We also created.

They are familiar with from childhood Orimashita I also at that time
"Old man hobby" was not thinking only of this.

However, I noted that my father felt and his father and
As can be seen now.
Now, one one hand and those looking for these items
Ino Hukashi feelings feel anything and hard to replace his father.
When you have not already filial piety is the father in the world,
To handle these important products, the HP through poor
If even a little introduction to everyone, whether as a memorial to his father

Knowledge of folk toys, as well as the camera technology,
HP is creating a new experience and all.
E-mail and bulletin boards and the future, while the advice of everyone you
We would like to study.

German informations on local toys needed? Click here.