Kids Corner

1. What would folk toys?

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Everyone Hello.

I still speak Ritsunu school has a lion or Kenzu
Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture × × third grade (H16.4 present) of Hilo.

The kid that my dad (Kozou) or kid-kun! Or call (s), Nde I have, guys have called Hilo.
My guide is now (no sauce) I come from the about.

Kids Corner
My good (all) things come

Deoxys (normal form,
Form attack, defense form)

Pocket Monsters AG
Kaiketsu you ass

I (I) have (something else)'ll have people roaring thunder storm (Isen and Share your Puujin) I.
Yokosuka (Yokosuka) Obaachan the purchase of (or) I'm me.

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