Profile of the cold Corridor

Yamashita Tatsuo masterpieces "wind corridor" Because I love.

Hikukara a common cold.

2. Gender: 3. Category: Dad

4.Chronic disease: extreme sense of direction

5. Origin: Koizumi Makoto-chan Miharu town the same area (see below) 

6. Family:

Otter mom Toshizo Hijikata same hometown area.
But because of that we know not, nature is fairly fierce!
However, while I love watching Korean soap operas are so quiet that people change.
(All About Eve, Winter Sonata, Beautiful Days, All in, such as Saran)
"Winter Sonata" entirely from the boom before the " All About Eve "was watching.
Mom's name comes from the sea otter: a terrible face at otter ~ sure got glasses, so alike.

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