Dried-up rice crackers

Yokosuka grandmother (mother's hometown) and you'll have fun snacks like this ~ was introduced as "dried-up rice cracker" is. The candy comes in the extraordinary crafts of folk toys from rice crackers,
Now looking forward to what comes out next.

Meanwhile, "Extra" is attracted towards the food, but may always be neglected interest was also very tasty rice crackers wrapped in folk art.

The origin of the dried-up rice crackers "Dried-up rice crackers" from the Edo Period Tsuruoka travel is one of the candy.

They contain small toys made in clay, and dried-up sound waves from the "dried-up rice crackers," so called Is said to be made. Even now the sound waves so that the toys one by one wrapped in paper does not Come to the rice cracker with plenty of brown sugar from Okinawa quality handmade toys and good old-fashioned folk, please enjoy."

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