Local Toys Notebook

I'm afraid a very personal page, see Technical Information Center do.
The ranks of the folk toys are bad, and if you give me a dare like folk toys are as follows. Why is the screen.

I like Japan, if you would let the new The favorite in the prefecture?

Gifu Prefecture is a folk toy.
Taro Takeshi

We will be adding the following quirks.

Nowadays there are a wide range of radio plays for children, but not all are equally good for every child and equally interesting. A radio play is basically an audio book with one or more matching stories and songs that are cut so that your child learns the lyrics very quickly and can sing along. Such radio plays a lot of fun and are a useful pastime. In addition to the child is encouraged to listen, because this story goes on, even if the child would have a question or has not understood something, as if one reads as a parent. The parent can read to be very easy to interrupt and ask something. In the radio play, the child must cancel out the question to the end and then put them, except one in the first few times here and interrupts the story with the pause or stop button.

With the purchase of radio plays for children should be observed depend on the interests of the children and the possibility to specify the age. If your son is more to pirates or cowboys, you should consider when choosing the radio plays this into consideration, just as if your daughter loves animals and princesses. The children will show no interest or at least little interest if it is a completely different topic, because they just do not so much can start them and because this is not so. You might also ask your child so, of what it would do a radio play, because maybe soon pending his birthday, Easter or Christmas. If the child can not decide really, you can make the decision as far as him by showing him pictures and tell a little story about themselves. You may bring your child so a whole new flavor and a whole new idea.

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